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Released On: 12 June 2009
Directed By: Shashi Pritam
Genre(s): Comedy, Crime, Drama
Movie Star Cast: Gaurav Bajaj, Alok Basnait, Sayali Bhagat

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Synopsis: Five Hyderabad-based slackers decide to hook up with girls and have some fun in Goa. Upon arrival, instead they end up squabbling with another group of 5 Mumbai-based males over a woman, Koena, and a hotel room. Two local residents, I.M. Romeo and Vasco Da Gama, intervene, ask the groups to settle their differences in a cricket match, and create two teams ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’ and ‘Mumbai Vadapaon’. The duo then seek the financial backing of wealthy Richie Rich and his blonde girlfriend, and go to considerable length, including disconnecting Cable TV, and publicizing this event with the assistance of stunning Aparno Ghosh. The match is very attended and won by the Biryanis. Encouraged by this, and hoping to bring in some more revenue, Richie decides to include gangsters lead by Badshah brothers and Nariyal Khan from Hyderabad and Mumbai respectively – a move that will lead to even more publicity and a media frenzy – while pressure will be brought on both teams to bring out their very …

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